Kedge Weavers Guild

Kedge Weavers Guild 

was formed in Caledonia 1975 after a weaving course was given in the area. It quickly grew first in the Kedge area and then into New Germany and area, ultimately having members from Mahone Bay to Liverpool. There have been over 70 members in our 43 years. 

Linda's blanket

Kedge Weavers Guild Information

  • Monthly meetings September to June.
  • Generally the third Monday of each month.
  • Meetings held at member's homes.
  • Gatherings consist of a business meeting and "show & tell".
  • "Show & tell" allows members to display their latest creations.

Supplies list for the Twice Woven Rug Project.

Complete supplies list  for No-Pot dye workshop

Want to Donate Equipment to Kedge Weavers?

 Directions for Slentre Braiding

Pictures of our Dye Workshop May 2017

Executive of Kedge Weavers Guild  2018-19

  • President: Katherine McCarron
  • Secretary: Anne Everts / Starr Fear
  • Treasurer: Madelyn Bowers
  • Loom Master: Donna Finck
  • Librarian: Anne Everts

Next Meeting:

May 20th, at Lesley's studio, Lunenburg

Celebrating 40 Years

Display at Margaret Hennigar Public Library, Bridgewater

Kedge Weavers Guild Library.

  List of the books that have been donated to the Guild.  Please contact Anne E. if you wish to borrow any title.

Kedge Weavers Brochure

Questions about Kedge Weavers? Contact us at

Our six table looms


Marketplace is our new "for sale or wanted" web page of weaving items and supplies.

Click on the picture for photos  Pictures March 2019

Pictures February 2019

Pictures April 2019
Photos Workshop May 2015.

Pictures of the Kedge Weavers Guild members.
Intro Weaving Course
March 2009

Pictures from Day one.

Pictures from Day two

Beginner & Immediate Workshop March and April 2012
Lacey Places Workshop

Pictures and log of our Lichen Walk in October 2008.
Intro Weaving Course
"String Theory"
October 2009
Show & Sale October 2010
Pictures of our display at the Shoreline Gallery, South Shore Regional Hospital.

Strawberry Social with Life Member Audrey Barton

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